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Texas Republican Claims Barack Obama Was a Gay Prostitute And That Preschool Turns Children Into Homosexuals



A Republican candidate for the state school board of education in Texas is getting some media attention for a series of bizarre Facebook posts about pre-K programs and former President Barack Obama.

The candidate, Mary Lou Bruner, alleges that liberals are trying to force young children into school earlier in order to make them gay, claiming “Children who get government indoctrination in Pre-K are going to become confused about their sexuality,” DeadState reports.

“The GLBTQ agenda is one of the big reasons the liberals want 3-year-old and 4-year-old children to attend public school Pre-K programs. The federal government wants to indoctrinate the little children, teaching them a homosexual marriage is just as good as a marriage with a father and a mother,” she wrote.

Her claim came after she posted another surreal Facebook post in which she accuses President Obama of having worked as a prostitute in order to score drugs.

Though homosexuality was the main focus of Bruners’ surreal rant, she also decried the “socialistic and multicultural agenda” she believes pre-K pushes “onto these impressionable little children who believe anything they are told.”

According to Bruner, this focus on inclusivity would lead to rebellious children “because the government curriculum plans to tell the children not to listen to their parents if their parents tell them something different.”

“The government curriculum plans to tell the little children their parents are ignorant, and they don’t understand because of the way the parents were taught. Or the little children will be told their parents are bigoted because they do not accept Islam and gay marriage,” She continued.

Bruner was ultimately denied a spot on the state board of education. As news about her penchant for conspiracy theories circulated among voters. She ended up losing by about 18 percent in the primary runoff, according to DeadState.