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Trump’s Allies Between A Rock And a Hard Place After Adam Schiff Vows Criminal Prosecution If They Defy Subpoenas



Adam Schiff and Mark Meadows

A shockwave of panic is being felt across Trumpworld after Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who is a member of the House Select Panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, announced this weekend that the committee is “prepared to go forward and urge the Justice Department” to prosecute anyone who refuses to comply with their subpoenas.

Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, Steve Bannon, and Kash Patel —all former advisers and aides to Donald Trump during his presidency— have defied subpoenas sent to them by the committee. Schiff told CBS News that he wants to “make sure that these witnesses come in and testify,” as it is their “lawful duty.”

Schiff also praised the Biden administration for “not asserting executive privilege” over documents from the Trump administration that are key pieces of evidence regarding the Capitol riot. He added that the documents will be turned over “very soon,” and that he applauds the administration for “not trying, because it’s protecting its own prerogative, to deprive the American people of the full facts. So hats off to the administration.”

Watch Schiff’s interview below:


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