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Trump Warned An ‘Orange Jumpsuit’ Is Waiting For Him As Manhattan DA Ramps Up Probe



Donald Trump

Last week, the Justice Department ruled that the IRS must grant Congressional investigators access to former President Donald Trump’s tax returns. However, Trump should be more concerned about the criminal investigation being conducted against him by Manhattan’s district attorney, according to Bloomberg editor Tim O’Brien.

O’Brien, a Trump biographer who has seen previous tax documents belonging to the ex-president before he ran for office, that the former president would be worried about the possibility of being dragged to jail in an orange jumpsuit.

“I think the Manhattan DA’s investigation is still the most perilous for him; that is a criminal investigation that is still a possibility that there is an orange jumpsuit waiting for Donald Trump at the end of that process,” O’Brien told CNN host Jim Sciutto on Monday. “I don’t anticipate getting there, there is a lot of evidence that needs to come into the public record before that occurs.”

He then addressed the impact Trump’s legal problems could have in the election.

“I don’t know that any of his core supporters would care about any of this,” the journalist said. “I think the real issue is what do traditional conservative Republicans and moderate voters think about it in a general election and that is really the meat of the issue.”

Watch the interview below from CNN.