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Trump Voters Turn On Republicans For Refusing To Support Stimulus Bill: ‘Shame On Them’



House Republicans on Wednesday made a terrible mistake that could come back to haunt them in the next election: refusing to support President Biden’s stimulus that Americans desperately need.

While polls showed overwhelming support for the package, the GOP fought against it. Now, Republican voters are blasting GOP lawmakers for their unified stance against the much-needed legislation.

Restaurant owner Frank Herron, who voted for Trump twice, told CNN that now he will be able to make it thanks to the stimulus. The legislation has a whopping $7 billion in additional PPP funding and $25 billion in grants for restaurants and bars. This time, these funds are only available to small businesses like Heron’s, and not massive multi-national corporations who took advantage of the first round of PPP loans.

“It actually gave us a lot of confidence we would be able to make it through,” Herron said.

Another Trump supporter, Alexo Bell, explained to CNN that he’s putting his party aside to support President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending package.

Bell has had a tough year as a promoter while live events stopped due to the pandemic.

“I’m mostly a stay-at-home dad watching my little guys and my wife is the primary breadwinner right now,” he explained.

The $1,400 headed to Americans isn’t the only benefit, those with children get an extra $1,000 per child. For Bell, that means his family will score an extra $2,000 on top of the stimulus dollars.

Barbara Jankowski left the GOP because of Donald Trump and supported Biden in 2020. She’s happy about the stimulus, noting that even if she and her husband don’t need the money right now, they want to be able to help their children if they need some extra.

“I think it’s great because people are hurting,” she told CNN, noting that the previous $600 checks did little to help their family. “Them voting along party lines was wrong because it was not right for America. It was not right for you. iI was not right for me. It was not right for my children.”

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