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Trump Triggered After Biden’s Biking Response to His Arraignment, Vows Retaliation



Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
Former President Donald Trump has vowed revenge against Biden over his indictment for trying to overturn the 2020 election. (Images via Twitter)

President Joe Biden, who is vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, had a concise response to CNN when asked if he would be monitoring former President Donald Trump’s arraignment. While riding his bicycle, the president simply replied, “No.”

Trump is facing formal arraignment in federal court in Washington DC on charges of conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. He has been indicted thrice and impeached twice for violating multiple laws stemming from his efforts to stay in power after losing to President Biden.

In response, Trump took to his social media site, Truth Social, to vow revenge on Biden.

“Look, it’s not my fault that my political opponent in the Democrat Party, Crooked Joe Biden, has told his Attorney General to charge the leading (by far!) Republican Nominee & former President of the United States, me, with as many crimes as can be concocted so that he is forced to spend large amounts of time & money to defend himself,” he said on Truth Social.

“The Dems don’t want to run against me or they would not be doing this unprecedented weaponization of ‘Justice,’” he continued. “BUT SOON, IN 2024, IT WILL BE OUR TURN. MAGA!”

Donald Trump response to his indictment.

Donald Trump response to his third indictment. (Screenshot)

The indictment brought against Trump for trying to halt the transfer of presidential power in 2021 has been met with somber silence from some Republicans, who view the new charges as more serious than the previous felony counts faced by Trump.


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