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Trump Trashed For Skipping 9/11 Ceremony To Make a Few Bucks Announcing a Boxing Match



Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump is being slammed on social media for skipping the 9/11 ceremony on Saturday morning when former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama joined with current Joe Biden to honor the memory of the victims of the 9/11 attack in Manhattan on the 20th anniversary of their deaths.

With former President George W. Bush giving a speech at the Shanksville crash site in Pennsylvania, Trump was nowhere to be seen after issuing a video statement early Saturday morning.

McClatchy and Washingtonian politics writer Dave Catanese was quick to point out Trump’s absence, tweeting out, “Former President Trump β€” absent from the 20th anniversary 9/11 ceremony in his own city.”

Others pointed out that he was “preparing to do commentary for a boxing match in Florida.”

That set off a flood of criticism of the former president who maintains a residence in New York City and has made more than a few dubious claims about what he saw and what he experienced twenty years ago,

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