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Trump Supporters Left Empty-Handed as Promised ‘Food for Everyone’ at Miami’s Versailles Fails to Materialize



Donald Trump
Former president Donald rump during his visit to Miami's Versailles restaurant in Miami, Florida. (Screengrab)

Supporters of former President Donald Trump were reportedly left disappointed and hungry after he failed to deliver on his promise of providing “food for everyone” during his visit to Miami’s Versailles restaurant, as reported by Laine Doss from the Miami New Times.

Following his arraignment on conspiracy and Espionage Act charges, Trump made a highly publicized stop at the popular cafe in Little Havana, where he was greeted by fans singing “Happy Birthday” and he enthusiastically proclaimed that there would be food for everyone, much to the crowd’s delight.

However, according to Doss, not a single crumb was served to the attendees at the former president’s expense. Despite the large crowd outside eagerly waiting for Trump, the visit to the bakery lasted a mere ten minutes, leaving no time for anyone to be served or even place an order.

“It turns out no one got anything. Not even a cafecito to-go,” Doss reported, leaving Trump’s supporters empty-handed.

The incident highlights the disappointment felt by those who had expected a meal and a chance to celebrate with the former president, only to be left without any food or fulfillment of his promise.