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Trump Once Said We Would Have ‘5 Million Tests A Day’, After Being Confronted By Reporter He Denies It: ‘I Didn’t Say It!’



Donald Trump has promised a lot of things during this coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, he was called out by a reporter who asked if we would soon be able to process 5 million coronavirus tests per day like he had promised.

Trump called the question a “media trap.”

“Do I think we will [have 5 million tests per day]?” Trump repeated the question out loud. “I think we will but I never said it.”

When a reporter pointed out that he had indeed made the remark, Trump objected again.

“I didn’t say it! I didn’t say it!” the president insisted before launching into a rant about how well his administration handled the pandemic.

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

You can see Trump’s statement about having “5 million tests a day very soon” HERE.

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