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Trump-Obsessed Livestreamer Says People Should Be Attacking Reporters ‘All The Time’



Brenden Dilley, a Trump-supporting live streamer, said during his show on Friday that people should be attacking and harassing reporters “all the time.”

Dilley was praising lockdown protesters in New York who were caught on camera harassing a local news reporter by invading his personal space and shouting profanities.

According to Dilley, this is the kind of treatment the press should get “all the time.”

“I love it,” Dilley said, referring to the video that was also retweeted by Donald Trump. “That sh*t felt good. And you know what? It should feel good. That’s exactly what you do. Every time you see him, don’t be in awe, ‘Hey, is that the guy from TV?’ F*ck ’em. Yeah, it is the guy from TV. Get your phone out, hit record, [and shout], ‘F*ck you fake news, enemy of the people’ every time. Every f*cking time, all of them, all the time.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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