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Trump Loses Another Legal Battle As His Attempt To Overturn The Election Continues To Crumble



Donald Trump lost another lawsuit on Thursday, making it the 41st loss since attempting to challenge the results of the 2020 election.

According to The Associated Press, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court denied a petition by Trump’s lawyers to challenge the president’s loss there, bringing their record in such cases to one win and 41 losses.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday morning against the state’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and various county election officials, asked to exclude 221,000 ballots from the results over alleged instances of fraud and illegal conduct.

Trump was betting on the state’s conservative majority Supreme Court to hear the case directly, arguing that the Dec. 14 Electoral College vote didn’t give enough time to challenge the results in lower courts.

It was Justice Brian Hagedorn who sided with three liberal justices to deny Trump’s petition. The court ruled against Trump 4-3.

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