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Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Attending WH Party



Attorney Jenna Ellis, who represents President Donald Trump in his various challenges to overturn the 2020 election, has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a White House Christmas party for senior staff last week, according to a report published by Axios on Tuesday.

ABC News confirmed the report by Axios that Ellis was a guest of Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro and was photographed not wearing a mask.

However, she appeared to deny testing positive for the virus in a tweet posted Tuesday afternoon.

“Funny how MSM is quick to believe one or two unnamed ‘sources’ every time,” she wrote, using the abbreviation for “mainstream media” often invoked by the right.

The White House holiday party now has the potential to become yet another superspreader event hosted by the Trump administration, following a Rose Garden ceremony in late September that has been linked to at least eight cases. Other gatherings, including a debate preparation session and an election night watch party, were also linked to several new cases.

An extraordinary number of high-level officials and advisers in Trump’s orbit have come down with the virus in recent months, including the president, his wife, and at least two of his children.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that Rudy Giuliani, who has been leading efforts to challenge the results of the presidential election in key states, had also tested posted for COVID-19. Giuliani is currently hospitalized for his symptoms.

Both Giuliani and Ellis have helped Trump file dozens of lawsuits challenging various aspects of the electoral process, nearly all of which have been thrown out. There is no credible evidence that widespread election fraud occurred in any state.