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Trump Cronies Charged With Multiple Felonies For Tampering With Voting Machines in Michigan



Matthew DePerno and Donald Trump
Matthew DePerno and Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Michigan. (Photo: Imgur)

On Tuesday, Michigan prosecutors charged two supporters of Donald Trump, Matthew DePerno and Daire Rendon for illegally accessing and tampering with vote-counting machines following Trump’s defeat in the presidential election.

DePerno, a failed for attorney general in Michigan, pleaded not guilty to charges related to his alleged attempts to obtain and damage voting machines after the 2020 presidential election, as confirmed by a court official.

He faces four charges, including undue possession of a voting machine, conspiracy to commit unauthorized access to a computer system, and willful damage to a voting machine, according to Richard Lynch, an administrator at the Oakland County court in Michigan.

Also arraigned on Tuesday was Daire Rendon, a former GOP state representative, who was charged with conspiracy to commit undue possession of a voting machine and false pretenses, ABC News reported.

These individuals are part of a group of nine people under investigation in the case. Matthew DePerno, who was the Republican nominee for Michigan Attorney General in 2022, caused Attorney General Dana Nessel to recuse herself from the matter.

After the 2020 election, five voting machines from three Michigan counties were taken to a hotel room where four people allegedly broke into them and conducted tests. During this incident, five others were present or involved in the plot to acquire the machines, according to investigators.

All nine individuals implicated in the incident were Republicans who supported Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

Prosecutor, DJ Hilson, emphasized that the investigation is still ongoing and there may be more developments to come.

“This process is ongoing and still not over,” Hilson said. “There is still more to come.”

Furthermore, Donald Trump himself was also indicted on Tuesday for his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. This marks his third criminal indictment in 2023.


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