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Trump Could Face ‘Bill Cosby-Like Trial’ In Rape Allegation That Never Goes Away



Donald Trump is now facing the very real possibility that he could be found liable for rape.

Donald Trump is now facing the very real possibility of being found “liable for rape” amid multiple investigations by the Department of Justice, according to t investigative reporter Jose Pagliery.

During an interview on The Daily Beast’s “New Abnormal” podcast, Pagliery addressed the DOJ’s decision last week to issue a brief stating that Trump does not have “unlimited immunity” when it comes to civil suits filed against him by Capitol cops who were injured during the Jan. 6 insurrection he incited.

But the discussion quickly turned to E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit filed against Trump for sexually assaulting her in a department store dressing room in the mid-90’s.

Pointing out the current fight over the admissibility of the notorious “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump boasted about his ability to sexually assault women at will into evidence, Pagliery suggested that Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the Federal District Court in Manhattan has a low tolerance to Trump’s “bullshit” and that the trial could move quickly.

The journalist then suggested that Trump would be under a cloud of a finding of rape ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“This case is pretty interesting, by the way,” Paglieryt told The Beast. “I keep referring to it as a Bill Cosby-like trial so that people can understand what this is. This isn’t a criminal charge, but this is a rape trial; this will be very much like the Bill Cosby trial. One where a person who claims to be a victim will be able to potentially hold another person who is rich and powerful accountable for their money.”

“And let’s not discount how damaging this could be,” he elaborated. “If she ends up winning, we have a presidential candidate who has been found liable — a jury has found him liable for rape. That’s astonishing and astounding in the midst of criminal investigations in New York and Georgia and at the DOJ.”


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