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Trump Condemned For Turning COVID-19 Precautions Into A ‘Political And Cultural War’



Donald Trump has encouraged his supporters to go out in the streets and protest the ongoing social distancing protocols. Trump took to Twitter on Friday where he called on “liberating” Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, where his supporters are protesting the stay-at-home orders.

Trump tweeted the following:

Trump’s Twitter storm drew backlash from advocacy groups and other critics who said the president should be focusing his attention on the lagging federal response to the deadly virus outbreak, not urging people to revolt against state guidelines

“Why is this your priority?” asked Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Stop tweeting. People are dying.”

“I lack words to describe how stupid and dangerous this is,” Ethan Zuckerman, director of the MIT Center for Civic Media, wrote in response to Trump’s tweets. “If social distancing to conquer Covid-19 becomes a political and cultural war, we’re all doomed.”

Vox‘s Aaron Rupar noted that the president’s tweets “appear to have been inspired by a segment he saw on Fox News minutes earlier.”

“At 11:19 [am]—two minutes before Trump’s Minnesota tweet—Fox News ran a segment about small groups of right-wing protesters in Minnesota and Virginia who have been agitating for governors there to relax stay-at-home orders so they can resume normal shopping and traveling activities,” Rupar wrote.

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