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Trump Cancels Event Where He Would Share ‘Irrefutable Report’ Claiming Election Fraud in Georgia



Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump is facing four indictments in connection with his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. (Photo: Imgur)

Former President Donald Trump said Thursday he will no longer hold a news conference and to not release a purported extensive report that he had previously claimed would vindicate him and his allies against accusations of wrongdoing following his recent indictment by a Georgia grand jury. Instead, Trump has revealed that his legal team will present what he considers “Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence” within their formal legal submissions in response to the indictment.

In a statement posted on Truth Social on Thursday evening, Trump conveyed his lawyers’ preference to present compelling evidence of election fraud and irregularities through official legal channels, rather than releasing the planned report on alleged election misconduct in Georgia.

“Rather than releasing the Report on the Rigged & Stolen Georgia 2020 Presidential Election on Monday, my lawyers would prefer putting this, I believe, Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence of Election Fraud & Irregularities in formal Legal Filings as we fight to dismiss this disgraceful Indictment by a publicity & campaign finance seeking D.A., who sadly presides over a record breaking Murder & Violent Crime area, Atlanta. Therefore, the News Conference is no longer necessary!” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post on Thursday evening.

Trump had initially announced his intention to host a significant news conference, during which he promised to unveil an extensive and conclusive report on election fraud in Georgia. This conference was scheduled to take place in Bedminster, New Jersey, at 11:00 A.M. on the following Monday.

Thursday’s reversal comes after The New York Times reported Tuesday that Trump’s lawyers and advisers had grown increasingly concerned about the information the former President shares publicly as his legal woes grow.

Thursday’s reversal comes in response to concerns raised by Trump’s lawyers and advisors, as reported by The New York Times earlier in the week. They expressed concern about the information Trump was publicly sharing, particularly as his legal challenges continue to mount.

Trump, who is currently the leading candidate in the Republican presidential primary, is facing a total of four indictments. These include federal charges related to his alleged efforts to undermine the 2020 election results prior to the January 6 Capitol riot, as well as accusations concerning classified document removal from the White House. Additionally, he is also confronting charges in New York tied to payments made to a porn star prior to the 2016 presidential election.


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