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Tire Shop Employee Shot To Death After Car Owner Thought He Was Stealing His Car



24-year-old Daniel Gordon lost his life over the weekend after a customer at the tire shop he worked at mistook him for a car thief.

According to WSB-TV, 30-year-old Quadarius McDowell was arrested on murder charges.

DeKalb County detectives said McDowell took his car to Tires Plus on Saturday. He opened fire at Gordon when he saw the victim driving his car in the parking lot.

“McDowell reportedly thought Gordon was trying to steal his car and fired multiple shots, shooting the victim,” the report said.

McDowell fled the scene on foot but was later arrested. He is being held at the DeKalb County jail.

“You can’t even feel safe at work. It’s just it’s sad,” a friend of Gordon’s told WSB-TV. “It’s a sad day. You can’t even call this a wrong place at the wrong time type of situation because literally, you’re at work.”


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