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Ted Cruz Is Signing And Selling Dr. Seuss Books To His Supporters For $60 Each To ‘Fight Against The Democrats’



Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) launched a new fundraiser that asks his supporters for $60 in exchange for his signature on Dr. Seuss books.

According to the fundraiser email, Cruz signed 175 copies of Green Eggs and Ham.

“I’m reaching out to supporters like you first, before we post this anywhere else,” the email states. “Look at this as your 2021 ‘cancel culture collectible’ from Ted Cruz.”

“Donate $60 right now, and we’ll send you a signed copy of Green Eggs and Ham!” the message continues. “This ridiculous cancel culture is off the rails. It is infuriating.”

The email adds: “Your support will help us fight back against the ‘woke’ mob in our country and the Democrats doing their bidding in Washington.”