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Ted Cruz Lampooned For Lying During Nomination Hearing



Ted cruz

On Wednesday, President Biden’s nominee for the First Circuit Court of Appeals, Michael Delaney, was peppered with questions at his confirmation hearing, particularly over his past representation of a New Hampshire private school that was criticized for how it handled the sexual assault of a female student.

At one point during the hearing, Cruz accused Delaney of portraying St. Paul’s School as “the victim” in the ordeal and lying to Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn.

Delaney replied that he “did not in any way intend to provide any misleading answers.”

Cruz then directed attention to the fact that the victim’s parents were in the room watching the hearing, telling them:

“You and your daughter have been victimized now three times: first on that horrific night; secondly, when Mr. Delaney representing the school went into court and tried to strip your daughter’s anonymity, tried to out her against her wishes; and third, when the Biden administration chose to award him by nominating him to the Court of Appeals.”

“Mr. Delaney, there is a reason why virtually every Democrat has skipped this hearing,” Cruz said. “They’re embarrassed about this nomination.”

That’s when Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono (HI) fired back at Cruz, telling him that when he suggested that no Democrat was attending the hearing, “I was sitting right here.”

“I suggest he get his vision checked,” she said.



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