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Fox News Identified As ‘Main Source’ Of Dangerous Misinformation About Coronavirus Pandemic



Fox News commentators, who are notorious for twisting facts and peddling conspiracy theories, were singled out as the main sources of dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic.

The nonprofit watchdog group Media Matters for America published a new analysis documenting over 50 specific examples in which Fox News propagandists misrepresented facts about the outbreak to benefit his far-right agenda.

In one instance, on March 9, to be specific, the network’s chief propagandist Sean Hannity claimed without evidence that young, healthy Americans have no reason to fear coronavirus. Two days later, on his radio program, the commentator dished up a conspiracy theory about the “deep state” using coronavirus to turn the public against Trump.

As noted by Media Matters, “Taken as a whole, his commentary falls into six discernible themes: peddling unproven treatments, comparing COVID-19 to other illnesses or focusing on other ways people can die, defending Trump’s response to the pandemic, blaming the media and journalists, downplaying supply shortages, and attacking local and congressional responses.”

Of course, Hannity’s falsehoods carry real-world implications for Fox News viewers believe the media had overstated the seriousness of the pandemic. A Pew Research shows that the average age for Fox News viewers as 65. COVID-19’s most devastating effects are on elderly people, especially those with underlying health conditions.

But it appears that Fox News doesn’t care if people die as long as it helps Donald Trump.

Watch some highlights in the video below: