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‘Rudy is Going to Get Destroyed’: John Dean Predicts Bleak Future For Giuliani



Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani is facing a mountain of legal troubles in connection with the 2020 election interference. (Photo: Imgur)

John Dean, the former White House counsel to President Nixon, has foreseen a bleak future for Rudy Giuliani, the ex-mayor of New York City and an ally of Donald Trump. Giuliani is currently grappling with escalating legal expenses along with what Dean characterizes as a formidable legal case in Georgia and unresolved matters at the federal level.

During an appearance on CNN’s program “The Source” on Wednesday, Dean conveyed his somber prediction, stating, “I think Rudy is going to get destroyed by this. It’s sad but true.”

Dean elaborated further, expressing his belief that Giuliani is embroiled in a deep predicament, emphasizing that the evidence presented by the government seems to be overwhelmingly against him. Moreover, Giuliani’s unresolved federal issues compound his troubles. Dean pointed out that even if convicted in Georgia, Trump would not be able to pardon him in that jurisdiction.

“I think he’s in deep trouble. The government’s case looks like it’s overwhelming. His federal issues have not been resolved. Trump could not pardon him in Georgia if, indeed, he is convicted in Georgia,” Dean said.

He added, “I don’t think Trump is going to make it back to the White House. I think people are starting to get a glimmer of what that could be, and they don’t want it.”

Giuliani, who previously served as Trump’s personal attorney, was indicted, along with Trump and others, in the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) case related to efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Dean doubted Giuliani’s inclination to cooperate with prosecutors, noting his strong grasp of legal matters. Instead, he anticipated that Giuliani might attempt to challenge the RICO case’s integrity. Dean emphasized that Giuliani could change his stance if the government of Georgia presents an insurmountable case, leading him to consider a plea deal to mitigate his potential sentence.

“I doubt that Rudy will [flip],” Dean said. “It’s only if the government of Georgia can overwhelm him and he realizes he’s going to go down and maybe he can save himself some years by cracking a deal.”

As for Giuliani’s future options, Dean envisioned a scenario where the ex-mayor, now grappling with extensive legal issues, could declare bankruptcy and be assigned a lawyer by the court. Dean cautioned against self-representation, highlighting the tendency for such individuals to make ill-advised decisions regarding their defense strategy. He also speculated that Giuliani might seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy, possibly using the proceeds from selling his apartment, although his existing debts must also be addressed.

“Representing yourself is the worst option, because anyone who represents themself is likely to make bad decisions about that representation,” Dean said when asked what options Giuliani has. “I think Rudy is likely to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy of some sort. I understand his apartment is on the market. It could raise several million dollars, but he probably has a lot of debt he has to handle immediately, as well. So I think bankruptcy is a potential and maybe a court-appointed attorney.”

“It has a Shakespearean element about it, although I don’t really think of Shakespeare when I look at Rudy in some of the news clips of him recently. It does have that kind of tragic tale that is being told in front of us, so we’ll have to all watch — and no one wishes him ill, but he’s gotten himself where he is,” Dean said.


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