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Melania Says Her Husband’s Indictments Are ‘a Problem For Him’ Not ‘For Her’



Melania Trump
Former first lady Melania Trump has maintained her private lifestyle in New York this summer while her husband, Donald Trump, deals with his multiple indictments. (Photo: Imgur)

A source familiar with former first lady Melania Trump on a social level has conveyed that the ex-president’s recent legal challenges pose “a concern for him” rather than “for her.”

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s indictment by the Fulton County district attorney’s office for attempting to overturn the 2020 Georgia election, you might have pondered Melania’s perspective on the latest criminal accusations against her husband, who now confronts a substantial 91 felony charges.

It appears that, akin to her apparent sentiment following Trump’s previous indictments, Melania’s stance can be summed up as follows: “Tough luck for you, buddy.”

In a fresh report that could elicit a semblance of sympathy for Donald Trump if he were not genuinely one of the most reprehensible individuals on the planet, a “social insider” connected to the former first lady told People magazine that “this fourth indictment is another problem for her husband,” and not a problem “for her.”

The source added that Melania wants “wants nothing to do with any of it,” preferring instead to “lead…her own life.” (Before you start thinking that Melania sounds somewhat less objectionable than you had previously thought, bear in mind that she apparently also believes there has been excessive criticism directed at Trump.) And when references are made to Melania leading her own life, it doesn’t mean she merely engages in personal interests while still spending substantial time with her husband, especially during his vulnerable moments. Rather, it signifies that she maintains a significant distance from her marital partner:

“The former first lady, 53, has spent the majority of her summer in Manhattan, while her husband, 77, has been playing golf in New Jersey, campaigning around the country, and denying the charges that have been brought against him by the justice system…. A second source close to Melania says it’s unclear where the former first lady was on Monday night when the latest indictment against her husband dropped—the former president was at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club—but confirms that she tends to favor New York City over New Jersey.”

Being notably distant from Trump’s side at the time of his indictment this week aligns with the former FLOTUS’s approach since the series of indictments started coming this spring. So far, she has not attended any of his arraignments (where he has pleaded not guilty to all charges), and reportedly responded with a “keep away” attitude when responding to his post-Manhattan arraignment speech in April.

Following Trump’s second indictment, sources indicated that Melania was relatively unperturbed by the possibility of him ending up in prison, telling Page Six: “She is in a wait-and-see position. He’ll either be in prison or be president. Or both.”

Naturally, the fact that the former first lady appears to harbor the same level of distaste for her husband as she did during his presidency doesn’t necessarily imply that she won’t reluctantly offer public support when deemed necessary. In May, she told Fox News Digital that she backs his third bid for the presidency and believes he has the potential to “lead us toward greatness and prosperity once again.”


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