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Rudy Giuliani Reemerges, Fires Off Single-Character Tweet And Twitter Explodes



President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who has a history of butt-dialing, sent tweeters into overdrive on Friday night with a single character post on the social media platform:#

The tweet prompted ridicule and anger with users scrambling to suggest what the hash symbol could mean.

Some believed it was just another butt-dial from the former New York mayor.

Others thought he’d been trying to dial into a conference call, proposed hashtags he may have been about to post, referenced Trump’s ongoing feud with Twitter and noted the nationwide death toll from the coronavirus pandemic.

Many also noted how Giuliani, who’s previously struggled with his Apple AirPods, was the president’s former cybersecurity adviser.

Check it out below:

And hilarity ensued:

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