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RNC Speaker Caught Spreading Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories



Besides having a speaker that urged police officers to racially profile her black son, the Republican National Convention is also welcoming a woman who was caught spreading an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

According to The Daily Beast, Mary Ann Mendoza, a Trump adviser scheduled to speak on the second night of the Republican National Convention, tweeted out a thread by a pro-QAnon account positing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

“Mendoza, an ‘angel mom,’ is scheduled to speak Tuesday about her son’s 2014 death at the hands of a drunk driver who was in the country illegally,” reported Will Sommer. “Her tweet on Tuesday linked to a lengthy thread from a QAnon conspiracy theorist that laid out a fevered, anti-Semitic view of the world. In its telling, the Rothschilds — a famous Jewish banking family from Germany — created a plot to terrorize non-Jewish ‘goyim,’ with purported details of their scheme that included plans to ‘make the goyim destroy each other’ and ‘rob the goyim of their landed properties.’”

“Drawing on more than a century’s worth of anti-Semitic hoaxes and smears, the thread claimed that malevolent Jewish forces in the banking industry are out to enslave non-Jews and promote world wars,” said the report. “Riddled with QAnon references, the thread from Twitter user @WarNuse claimed that the Titanic had been sunk to protect the Federal Reserve, and that every president between John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump was a ‘slave president’ in the thrall of a global cabal. The thread also promoted ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ an anti-Semitic hoax popular in Nazi Germany, and claimed that its allegations about a Jewish plot to control the world are real.”
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The thread also says that Hillary Clinton is a “Satanic High Priestess” and suggests that Barack Obama is connected to the Devil.

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