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Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Hours Before Scheduled Biden Visit To Talk Infrastructure



Pittsburg bridge collapse

A snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed Friday morning, just hours before President Joe Biden was expected to visit the city on a previously-scheduled trip to discuss infrastructure.

Authorities were notified about the bridge collapse after 6 a.m. Friday, The Associated Press reported, citing Pittsburgh Public Safety officials. No fatalities have been reported, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman said in a news conference at the scene.

“My understanding from the people and the crew is… there’s no fatality right now,” Fetterman told CNN. “It’s surreal, the entire span of the bridge has collapsed into the park and into the walking trail below.”

“Thankfully, schools were on a two-hour delay for weather, so the traffic was less than it would have been normally on a normal day, but it’s surreal to see this bridge,” he told CNN’s John Berman.

President Biden is aware of the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, which happened about six miles away from where he is set to deliver remarks on infrastructure and other topics later Friday.

The White House released a statement saying Biden will proceed with the trip:

“The President has been told of the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh. Our team is in touch with state and local officials on the ground as they continue to gather information about the cause of the collapse,” the White House said in a statement. “The President is grateful to the first responders who rushed to assist the drivers who were on the bridge at the time. The President will proceed with trip planned for today and will stay in touch with officials on the ground about additional assistance we can provide.”

Four ​vehicles were on the bridge at the time of the collapse and only minor injuries have been reported, Downs said, adding that a driver of an articulated bus and two passengers were among those rescued with minor injuries.

There was a massive gas leak caused by the collapse, which is now under control, according to Pittsburgh Fire Department Chief Darryl Jones.

“Several families were evacuated from their homes. They have been allowed back. We are told by the gas company that all their gas service has been restored,” Jones said.

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