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Pentagon Locked Down, Police Officer Killed Following Shooting: Report



Pentagon shooting

A police officer has died following a shooting outside the Pentagon building. According to authorities, the incident occurred outside the building on the Metro Bus platform, which is a major entrance to the Pentagon used by thousands of personnel every day entering and leaving the building.

While the exact circumstances of the shooting are still unclear, several news outlets reported earlier that an officer had been shot in the incident. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency, which oversees the security of the Pentagon, did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency Chief Woodrow Kusse will brief reporters on Tuesday afternoon with Pentagon press secretary John Kirby to provide more information

The “shooting event” occurred on the bus platform on the Pentagon complex and prompted a lockdown of the building with no personnel allowed outside, according to a message that was sent to the Pentagon workforce by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, CNN reports.

The lockdown has since been lifted, the agency announced later Tuesday, tweeting: “The Pentagon has lifted the lock down and has reopened. Corridor 2 and the Metro entrance remains closed. Corridor 3 is open for pedestrian traffic.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.