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Pelosi Burns Trump Without Saying His Name In Final Press Briefing As House Speaker



Nancy Pelosi

On Thursday, outgoing House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held what was likely her last weekly press briefing as the Democratic leader.

During the event, the California Democrat numbered some of the achievements she accomplished during her tenure. She also took the opportunity to take a jab at former president Donald Trump, but didn’t need to mention his name to humiliate him one last time.

“Passing the American rescue plan, getting vaccines in arms, money in pockets, children back to school and people safely back to work, the bipartisan infrastructure law, building roads, bridges, ports and water systems,” Pelosi said. “Bringing people together, not projects that divide communities but bringing people together, and this such a source of pride, putting justice and equity front and center.”

Pelosi will leave her role as Speaker early next month. She didn’t rule out speaking with the media again if something newsworthy takes place before then.

During her remark, she took a moment to take a veiled dig at former President Donald Trump.

“I was Speaker and Minority Leader under President Bush, under President Bush, under President Obama, under what’s-his-name, and just Speaker under President Biden,” she said.

Pelosi will step dowm from her post as House Speaker early next month. However, she didn’t rule out speaking with the media again if something newsworthy takes place.

Watch Pelosi’s remarks below: