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Parkland Shooting Survivor Responds To ‘Bully’ Marjorie Taylor Greene, Who Attacked Him For Condemning Gun Violence



Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on Thursday responded to Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after a new video emerged showing the QAnon congresswoman confronting Hogg before she was elected to Congress, calling him a “coward” for campaigning against gun violence.

Greene, who has previously called Hogg “#littleHitler”, can be heard making false and baseless claims as she asks him a series of questions related to gun rights and how he was able to meet with senators. Hogg continues to walk toward the US Capitol without addressing Greene.

“He’s a coward,” Greene says at the end of the video as Hogg walks away, claiming his activism was funded by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who is often the subject of far-right conspiracy theories, and other liberals. “He can’t say one word because he can’t defend his stance.”

Hogg responded to Greene on Thursday, telling CNN’s Alisyn Camerota he was trying to “keep a straight face” and practice mindfulness meditation that helps him cope with PTSD.

“I was told growing up, it’s just better not to respond to bullies and just walk away,” Hogg said on “New Day.”

He also said he “absolutely” felt it was a threat when Greene said in the video that she carried a gun, but told himself “if they shoot me, they prove my point.”
“And the reality is, they can’t kill a movement,” he said.


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