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‘Odious’ Ted Cruz Buried In Scorn After Saying The US ‘Must Get Rid Of Roads’ In Response To Buttigieg’s Comments On Racism



Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) is being harshly criticized after he said the US “must get rid of roads” in response to comments made by Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg about systemic racism in the design and location of highways in American cities and suburbs still continues to adversely affect low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

“The roads are racist. We must get rid of roads,” Cruz wrote on Twitter in his response to Buttigieg.

Responding to criticism from Cruz and other conservatives, Buttigieg told Yahoo News that racism and segregation in road building are not ancient history or a figment of liberals’ imagination, as some on the right contend.

“There are many well-documented examples of this happening, from the ’20s and ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and sometimes we have to be on the lookout for issues that are happening in our time,” the Transportation Secretary said. “But for me, the issue is not: In what year did somebody create this problem? The issue is: Is that problem affecting people today in 2021?”

Others took to Twitter to slam Cruz over his “outrageous response.