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Morning Joe Panelist Astounded by Depravity of Trump’s Actions on July 4th: ‘Unbelievable’



Donald Trump

During a panel discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) conveyed her astonishment regarding the unwavering support Republican primary voters have for former President Donald Trump, regardless of his abhorrent actions.

While assessing the current state of the 2024 Republican presidential race, McCaskill slammed Trump for choosing to spend the 4th of July posting vulgar remarks about President Joe Biden and special counsel Jack Smith on his Truth Social platform.

McCaskill argued that Trump gets away with such behavior because of his significant lead over potential rivals, rendering any additional effort unnecessary.

In her words, she stated, “He finds much more comfort at his opulent golf club, busily typing away on his device, composing obscene tweets about the current president.”

However, she warned about the implications of this situation for the entire GOP.

“Donald Trump holds a commanding position,” she remarked. “Reflect on that, Republican Party. You have chosen a man who, on the Fourth of July, unabashedly declares ‘F Biden,’ and he is your chosen candidate. It truly is unbelievable.”



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