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Mike Lindell Whines His Company Is Near Bankruptcy After Pushing Trump’s Big Lie: ‘I Had To Borrow $10 Million’



Mike Lindell

Pillow salesman-turned-MAGA extremist and QAnon evangelist Mike Lindell is explaining that his successful company is in debt thanks to “voting machine companies” suing him for spreading election lies about them.

Lindell’s comments came during an interview with former President Donald Trump strategist, Steve Bannon.

In a video shared on Twitter by former federal prosecutor and Republican Ron Filipkowski, Bannon asked the MyPillow CEO about a loan he recently took to keep the business afloat.

“Yeah, last year, actually there were three separate loans, as the machine companies continue to sue us for billions of dollars,” Lindell said.

“We had to borrow almost $10 million dollars. We’re an employee-owned company,” he complained.

“It just baffles me, Steve, you’ve got all these machine companies — these voting machine companies, that nobody even knew their name before, but everybody protects them. And yet you attack a USA company, MyPillow, and my employees, and it’s just disgusting.”

Watch the video below: