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Lockdown Protestor Says She Won’t Die Of COVID-19 Because God Is ‘Taking Care’ Of Trump Supporters



Protestors in Minnesota were interviewed this past weekend while they rallied outside the state capitol to protest the ongoing lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Unicorn Riot posted a video on their YouTube page of Trump supporters explaining themselves as to why they were protesting and if they believed the pandemic was a real thing.

“We still have a right, I think, to work,” one woman in the video says.

Others admitted that the virus was a real threat, but didn’t fear it because God is on her side.

“We have a higher power that we believe in that takes care of us,” another woman sporting a MAGA hat says. “And I know that it’s a real thing — the pandemic is a real thing, we do believe in that … Yes it is a real thing and people are dying, and it breaks our hearts to know people are dying — we believe that people are dying.”

Take a look at some responses in the video clip below:

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