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Trump-Loving Ohio Man Dies Of COVID-19 After Saying The Virus Was A ‘Political Ploy’



An Ohio man died last week from complications after contracting COVID-19. That same man had recently referred to the pandemic as a “political ploy” and called the state’s lockdown “bullshit,” according to reports.

60-year-old John W. McDaniel died last Wednesday — exactly one month after firing off a series of angry messages about the virus and the lockdowns.

“Does anybody have the guts to say this COVID-19 is a political ploy? Asking for a friend. Prove me wrong,” he wrote on March 13, according to the Sun.

Two days later, McDaniel reportedly called “bullshit” on Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order closing bars and restaurants.

“He doesn’t have that authority. If you are paranoid about getting sick just don’t go out. It shouldn’t keep those of us from living our lives,” he wrote, according to the reports.

“The madness has to stop.”

That same virus that he called a “political ploy” ended up taking his life. According to McDaniel’s obituary, he died “with his loving family by his side from complications from Covid-19.”

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