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Pro-Trump Protestor Says People Who Support Lockdown Are ‘Weak’ And Should Be ‘Sacrificed’



Anti-lockdown protests continue to happen across the nation as conservatives are getting frustrated with staying home.

According to News Channel 9, In Tennessee, one protestor was captured with a sign that read “Sacrifice the weak — reopen TN [Tennessee].”

People are protesting stay-at-home orders and claim that the economy needs to open back up.

According to the station, “dozens” of protesters showed up in Nashville on Monday to demand that the economy be reopened as soon as possible, as many people are struggling without any kind of income and have been shut out of getting small-business loans.

“We have no problem being shut down, but we can’t afford to stay shut down if we don’t have some kind of an income coming in,” demonstrator Adrienne Hitch told News Channel 9.

As the station reports, many people were seen not practicing social distancing or even wearing any precautionary equipment to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

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