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Leading QAnon Promoter Who Said Vaccines Are For ‘Idiots’ Dies Of COVID-19



Cirsten Weldon

Conspiracy theorist Cirsten Weldon, a prominent QAnon promoter and anti-vax crusader who boasted that “only idiots get vaccinated,” died Thursday of COVID, making her just the latest vaccine opponent killed by the disease, The Daily Beast reports.

Weldon urged her followers across right-wing social media networks not to take the COVID vaccine as she promoted the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy under the screenname “CirstenW.”

She was prominent enough to become a sort of QAnon interpreter for comedian conspiracy theorist Roseanne Barr and started recording videos about QAnon with her, The Daily Beast noted.

The report also said that “Weldon focused on attacking vaccines and other efforts to fight COVID-19, saying in one video that Dr. Anthony Fauci ‘needs to be hung from a rope.’ She claimed the vaccine killed people and even recorded herself yelling at people standing in line to receive vaccines.”

“The vaccines kill, don’t get it!” Weldon warned the waiting vaccine recipients in an undated video posted to one of her online accounts. “This is how gullible these idiots are. They’re all getting vaccine!”

In late December, however, Weldon started showing symptoms of coronavirus infection. In her last video, posted on Dec. 28, Weldon struggled through her remarks about the coming overthrow of the United States government, coughing and complaining that she was exhausted.

Three days later, Weldon was hospitalized in Camarillo, California. She posted a picture of herself wearing an oxygen mask to Instagram and claimed she had “bacterial pneumonia.”

As noted by The Daily Beast, “Weldon’s death from COVID is just the latest instance of a far-right personality who opposed vaccination being killed by the virus. On Jan. 3, radio host Doug Kuzma died while infected with the coronavirus. In August, QAnon promoter Robert David Steele died of the virus shortly after posting a picture of himself in an oxygen mask and vowing to still refuse the vaccine.”