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Lauren Boebert Under Investigation Over ‘Personal Use’ Of Campaign Funds: Report



Lauren Boebert

Republican congresswoman and QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert is under investigation for allegedly taking thousands of dollars of campaign funds for personal use, according to a new report by CNBC.

The business network reported that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) wants to know what Boebert did with four Venmo payments to her campaign totaling over $6,000.

A spokesman for Boebert told CNBC that the personal expenses were ” billed to the campaign account in error” and were already reimbursed. She did not say what the payments were for.

“The Venmo charges were personal expenses that were billed to the campaign account in error. The reimbursement has already happened and will appear in the Q3 filing,” Ben Stout, Boebert’s deputy chief of staff and communications director, told the network via email.

Citing a letter from the FEC, The report noted that the commission may consider taking further legal action against Boebert “if it is determined that the disbursement(s) constitutes the personal use of campaign funds.”

You can read the entire report at CNBC.