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Kyle Rittenhouse Melts Down After Las Vegas And Texas Venues Cancel His Appearances After He Promoted Them On Social Media



Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is lashing out at what he calls the ‘woke mob’ for pressuring venues in Las Vegas and Texas to cancel his speaking events after he spent weeks promoting them on social media. He lambasted the Venetian Resort in Sin City and the Southern Star Brewery in Conroe saying they “bent” to politically-fueled complaints about his scheduled appearances.

Rittenhouse, who left two men dead and another injured, told Sebastian Gorka on the America First podcast: “I was supposed to be giving a speech … and they booted us because the woke mob found out I posted about it.”

The 20-year-old, who was acquitted of the deadly shootings in Kenosha that became a flashpoint in the debate over guns, vigilantism and racial injustice, was also due to appear at the Southern Star Brewery in Conroe, Texas, but he claimed they too had “bent to the woke mob.”

“I tried to promote it to get people to come and hear about censorship and the Second Amendment – and they didn’t like that they bent to the woke mob and said we’re canceling this event,” Rittenhouse complained.

In a statement, the brewery said: “Southern star brewery is an apolitical organization. But we feel that this event doesn’t reflect our own values and we could not in good faith continue to rent our space for the event on 1/26. We don’t do rallies, we make beer for people who like beer.”

Following the cancellation, the brewery said it had been deluged with harassment and some threats.

“It’s been kind of a s***storm,” Southern Star Brewery CEO Dave Fougeron told local station KBTX. “But now I’m more certain than ever that I made the right decision.”


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