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Juror Reveals Key Evidence That Sealed Murdaugh’s Fate



Alex Murdaugh trial

On Thursday, it took the jurors in the Murdaugh double murder trial less than three hours to reach a decision to convict disgraced former South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh of murdering his own wife and son.

The speed of the guilty verdict surprised legal experts. However, one juror is now telling ABC News that his decision to convict Murdaugh was made easy by one key piece of evidence that he says completely undermined any credibility he might have enjoyed.

Juror Craig Moyer told the news outlet that a damning cell phone video placing Murdaugh at the scene of the murders shortly before they occurred, despite his previous denials that he was in the area at the time, was enough to put him over the top.

Moyer said that this video exposed Murdaugh as a “big liar” and made him skeptical of everything he said when he took the witness stand.

“I was certain it was [Murdaugh’s] voice,” Craig Moyer, a carpenter, told ABC News as he recalled the background voice he heard during his first watch of the video captured by Murdaugh’s son. “Everybody else could hear [Murdaugh’s voice] too,” Moyer said, referring to the other jurors.

“He knew what he wanted to say. I mean he is a lawyer,” Moyer explained. “I didn’t see any true remorse or any compassion or anything.”

The video was taken at the family’s dog kennels by Paul Murdaugh, 22, who later that night was brutally murdered along with his mother Margaret, 52, ABC News reported.

Murdaugh is set to be sentenced to prison this morning. He is facing a minimum of 30 years in jail and prosecutors may push for a life sentence without parole.

Watch portions of Murdaugh’s cell phone video in the report below from CBS News.