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Josh Hawley Selling ‘Made In China’ Riot Mugs While Claiming They Were ‘Made In America’ And That’s Not Even The Worst Part



Josh Hawley mug

Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley is under fire for selling a mug with a now-infamous picture of him raising his fist to a crowd of Donald Trump supporters as he made his way into the Capitol to object to the outcome of the presidential election. Moments later, the Trump-fueled mob stormed the US Capitol to force then-Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election results.

The mug shows a modified version of the picture taken that day, with Hawley’s name and the words “SHOW-ME STRONG!” Even on a mug, in black and white and with no background.

“Liberals are so easily triggered, and this new mug is really whipping the left into a frenzy!” a fundraising email from the Hawley campaign said. “Josh isn’t scared — he’s show-me strong! This Made in America mug is the perfect way to enjoy Coffee, Tea, or Liberal Tears! Check it out below, and order one for yourself or any woke friend or family member that you want to trigger!”

Facing widespread criticism, Hawley scrambled to defend the mug depicting his infamous Jan. 6 salute celebrating the Capitol riot that day.

“It is not a pro-riot mug,” Hawley told The Huffington Post. “This was not me encouraging rioters.”

He added: “At the time that we were out there, folks were gathered peacefully to protest, and they have a right to do that. They do not have a right to assault cops.”

Hawley was the first senator to announce that he would object to the certification of the election because a challenge to Pennsylvania’s use of mail-in ballots was dismissed because of procedural issues.

Having lied about the election for months, Trump wanted Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the results, aided by GOP lawmakers. Hawley was more than willing to help Trump, but Pence refused to do.

While the fundraising email said the mugs are made in the US, Republican Missouri Representative Billy Long tweeted that the mugs that were being handed out at a GOP event had stickers saying “Made in China”.

The tweet was highlighted by The Independent.