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Jim Jordan Faceplants On Twitter After Whining That No One Is Talking About Hunter Biden



Ohio Representative Jim Jordan got more than what he bargained for after complaining on Twitter that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is “getting a pass” by the media because no one is talking about him.

“Hunter Biden, Do you think the media would give you a pass if you did what Hunter Biden did?” Jordan asked without specifying what exactly Hunter Biden did.

He added: “Do you think the government would let you off the hook? We are tired of the double standard.”

As expected, Twitter users were eager to respond.

“What did hunter do, Gym? Did he attempt to overturn an election?”, one user shot back.

“Why don’t you tell us what he did. Because you haven’t. You’re just repeating the name of Hunter Biden like you repeated the name of Hillary Clinton five years ago,” another user wrote.

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