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Jim Jordan Blasted For Pushing ‘Dumber’ Conspiracy Theory About Hunter Biden

In a recent development on Capitol Hill, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) has reignited controversy surrounding a letter from intelligence officials…

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Jim Jordan Threatens Subpoena on Trump’s Manhattan Prosecutor Over His ‘ Effective’ Methods

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is intensifying his pursuit of information regarding a key prosecutor involved in the Manhattan…

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Jim Jordan’s Trump Conspiracy Debunked By DOJ Findings

Republicans continue to cling to their conspiracy theories, but their efforts resemble fishing in an empty pool.

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‘I Don’t Need Your Permission To Speak’: Stacey Plaskett Slaps Down Jim Jordan’s Patronizing Tactics

In a heated session on Capitol Hill, Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) didn't hold back as she confronted House Judiciary Chairman…

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The GOP’s Wild Goose Chase: How Their Bid to Impeach Joe Biden Went Bust

The Republican effort to impeach Biden was futile and a blatantly absurd.

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Jordan and Comer Push Dubious Claim of Biden’s ‘Obstruction of Justice’

GOP Reps James Comer (R-Ky.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are implying that President Biden might have obstructed justice if he…

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Jordan, Comer Threaten Contempt Charges For Hunter Biden’s Refusal To Testify Privately

James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, are warning of…

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Futile Gambit: Jim Jordan’s Unsuccessful Bid to Harness Trump’s Manipulative Playbook

In the perplexing realm of Republican politics, Donald Trump's adept use of intimidation, backstabbing, and disregarding the majority's will has…

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Jordan Goes Down In Flames In Third Ballot For Speaker After Losing Even More GOP Votes

In a tumultuous House session on Friday, Representative Jim Jordan faced a resounding defeat for the third time in his…

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‘I Don’t Know What The Point Was’: Fox & Friends Perplexed by Jim Jordan’s Press Conference Ahead of Third House Speaker Vote

In a whirlwind Friday morning, Representative Jim Jordan seized the mic for a brisk ten-minute press conference, facing questions from…

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