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Jim Acosta Has A New Nickname For Trump And Everyone Is Laughing



Jim Acosta calls Trump the Mussolini of Mar-A-Lago

CNN anchor Jim Acosta set the internet abuzz after dubbing former president Donald Trump “the Mussolini of Mar-a-Lago.”

During a segment on CNN Newsroom, Acosta looked into what would have happened if Trump had gotten away with the attempted coup on Jan 6 and blasted Republicans for trying to block any investigation into the deadly attack.

Acosta went on to say that Trump’s coup attempt failed and credited former vice-president Mike Pence for it.

“Fortunately, it did not happen. Mike Pence did not go along. Trump failed. The Mussolini of Mar-A-Lago can seize and another breadstick from the buffet down to this club, but he can’t seize our elections, at least not yet.

His comments were celebrated across social media. Check some of the reactions below: