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‘It Wasn’t Mental Health That Killed These People, It Was An Automatic Rifle With Bullets’: Massacre Witness



Shooting witness Steven Spainhauer

Former police officer Steven Spainhauer, who rushed to the site of a shooting at a mall in Allen Texas on Saturday after receiving a call from his son, told MSNBC he witnessed victims massacred by a gunman in Texas over the weekend, push back on people who blame “mental health” for the shooting.

“I found seven people shot in front of the store,” Spainhauer said in an interview on Sunday, noting that one girl “had no face” as he recalled the horrific details of the horrific scene.

“There was nothing else I could do,” he lamented. “I’ll just be honest with you. When you get hit with an automatic weapon fire at close range, there’s no opportunity for survival.”

Spainhauer disagreed with conservatives blaming “mental health” for the killings.

“I don’t know what the gunman’s problem was,” he said. “I don’t know his motive, but it wasn’t mental health that killed these people. It was an automatic rifle with bullets. That’s what killed them.”

“I’m a gun lover; I have guns,” he added. “I’m a former police officer. I’m a former army officer. But these M4s, MAR15s, they’ve got to get off the streets, or this is going to keep happening.”

Watch the interview below from MSNBC.