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‘It Wasn’t Mental Health That Killed These People, It Was An Automatic Rifle With Bullets’: Massacre Witness

Former police officer Steven Spainhauer, who rushed to the site of a shooting at a mall in Allen Texas on…

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Man Who Killed 8 People At Texas Mall Identified

The suspected gunman who killed eight people and injured seven others in the Allen, Texas, outlet mall shooting has been…

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‘GO TO HELL!’: Ted Cruz Thrown In Hot Lava Over His Response To Latest Texas Massacre

Texas senator Rafael (Ted) Cruz is facing harsh criticism over his response to the mass shooting at a mall in…

Staff Writer 5 Min Read

Texas Police Official Says Cops Were Reluctant To Engage Gunman Because ‘They Could’ve Been Shot’

A Texas police lieutenant told CNN that responding officers were reluctant to engage the gunman at Robb Elementary School in…

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