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Internet Torches Matt Gaetz For Whining About Media Focusing On Him Instead Of Andrew Cuomo



Matt Gaetz

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, of Florida, is being roasted across all corners of the internet after he weighed in on newly revealed sexual harassment allegations against New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

Gaetz, who’s under investigation by the FBI for alleged sex-trafficking of a minor, fired off a tweet complaining about the media treating him worse than Cuomo.

“If he were a Republican, he wouldn’t even need one named accuser for the media to smear him,” Gaetz wrote, in an apparent reference to his own case.

Gaetz’s tweet came in response to a tweet from Texas GOP Congressman Pat Fallon, who wrote: “Just imagine how the mainstream media would be covering the Cuomo scandal if he were a Republican.”

As expected, Twitter users had a lot to say about Gaetz’s complaint: