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Internet Slams ‘Worst Human’ Jenna Ellis Over Her ‘Lack Of Humanity’



Jenna Ellis slammed

Former Trump lawyer and confessed liar Jenna Ellis has come under fire for mocking the fall that left Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hospitalized with a concussion. The 81-year-old senator is expected to remain in the hospital for the next few days.

On the same day that she was officially censured for making false claims about the 2020 presidential election, Ellis posted a video of a turtle falling down the stairs with the caption, “BREAKING: Camera footage from last night’s McConnell dinner obtained.”

Twitter users wasted no time condemning her “disgusting” behavior.

“The basic lack of humanity constantly displayed by these people is truly remarkable,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper replied.

Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall tweeted in response to Ellis: “I’m not a huge fan of Mitch McConnell’s impact on public life in America. But you have to be a terrible person to think this is amusing or funny. I believe he’s still in the hospital?”

“Underneath it all, you’re a very sad person,” another user wrote.

Check Ellis’s tweet and some of the responses below.