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Immediate Arrest Called For Donald Trump Over New Threats Of Violence



Donald Trump
Special Counsel Jack Smith is being urged to 'detain Donald Trump pending trial' after new threats of violence.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner has made a compelling argument for taking Donald Trump into custody immediately and keeping him off the public scene until his case is brought to trial during his appearance on Dean Obeidallah’s SiriusXM show.

Kirschner cited a well-established precedent of incarcerating defendants who pose a threat to the community, highlighting Trump’s recent suggestions of inciting violence as a legitimate reason for special counsel Jack Smith to take action to protect the community.

The host and Kirschner both expressed concern about Trump’s escalating dangerous behavior, with Kirschner asserting that detaining him would not be an unusual step in such circumstances.

“Donald Trump should be detained pending trial,” the former prosecutor said. “And I say that not from my own personal preference or animosity, I have for the man.”

The former prosecutor emphasized that his recommendation to detain Trump pending trial was not motivated by personal animosity but rather based on the legal principle that clear and convincing evidence of a defendant’s threat to the community warrants detention. Kirschner lamented that this principle seemed to have been ignored in Trump’s case.

“I say it because the law provides that when there is clear and convincing evidence that a defendant pending trial presents a danger to the community he is supposed to be detained, or she is supposed to be detained pending trial, that’s the law” he explained. “Everyone has ignored that when it comes to Donald Trump.”

He further pointed out the potential dangers of not taking appropriate action, mentioning a recent incident where one of Trump’s followers, Taylor Taranto, armed himself with weapons and headed towards former President Obama’s home after reading a post from Trump.

“And we do it at our peril. We as the system, as the institutions of the government,” he continued. “What did we see Donald Trump do recently? He posted President Obama’s address and one of his followers, a guy named Taylor Taranto read it, reposted it on his social media platform and then armed himself with two guns, 400 rounds of ammunition, a machete and then headed toward President Obama’s home.”

In conclusion, Jack Smith is being urged to take action and detain Donald Trump due to concerns over his potential for inciting violence and being a danger to the community.

Watch the full exchange below:


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