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‘I Don’t Put Up With Bullies’: Nikki Haley Announces 2024 Presidential Run



Nikki Haley

On Tuesday, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced that she is running for president of the United States, becoming the first major Republican challenger to Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.

In a campaign video released on social media, Haley hints that she’ll be making a radically different pitch to voters than that of her former boss.

The clip opens with shots of her hometown of Bamberg, South Carolina. “The railroad tracks divided the town by race,” Haley says in a voice-over.

“I was the proud daughter of Indian immigrants—not Black, not white. I was different. But my mom would always say: ‘Your job is not to focus on the differences, but the similarities.’ And my parents reminded me and my siblings every day how blessed we were to live in America.”

“Some look at our past as evidence that America’s founding principles are bad. They say the promise of freedom is just made up. Some think our ideas are not just wrong, but racist and evil. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Despite the swipe at the left, however, Haley also goes on to point out that “Republicans have lost the popular vote in seven out of the last eight presidential elections.”

“That has to change,” she says.

“The Washington establishment has failed us over and over and over again,” Haley says. “It’s time for a new generation of leaders to rediscover fiscal responsibility, secure our border, and strengthen our country, our pride, and our purpose.”

In a bizarre sign-off, Haley issues a warning to the “socialist left,” China, and Russia. “They all think we can be bullied, kicked around,” Haley says. “You should know this about me—I don’t put up with bullies. And when you kick back, it hurts them more if you’re wearing heels.”

Watch the video below.


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