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GOP Will Be ‘Slaughtered In 2020’ If Republicans Block Bolton Testimony, Conservative Warns



Political columnist Quin Hillyer has issued a dire warning for Republicans: Call witnesses at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial or risk getting slaughtered in the 2020 election.

“Senate Republicans are digging their own graves,” the outspoken conservative writes at the start of his latest column in The Washington Examiner. “If Republicans do not allow at least a few witnesses into the Senate impeachment trial, they will pay a heavy political price if evidence emerges later proving deep corruption by President Trump.”

He then makes the case that it is highly likely that such damning information will surface in the near future, which will leave vulnerable Republicans on the hook for enacting a cover-up.

“When other witnesses turn over new evidence while looking for immunity in the investigation of Trump by the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, the Republican senators will be blamed,” he says. “They will be seen as having engaged in a cover-up. They will be seen as having undermined justice.”

Were such a thing to happen, he warns that the GOP in 2021 would be faced with not only being in the minority in the House and Senate, but also facing an “enraged and emboldened Democratic majority absolutely out for blood.”


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