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George Conway Unleashes On ‘Soulless’ Trump In Scathing New Op-Ed Urging Voters To Vote Him Out



George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, has been one of Donald Trump’s most prominent critics. In fact, he’s one of the people behind The Lincoln Project, a group of former and current Republicans pushing ads in hopes of removing Trump from office.

This past week, he decided to publish an op-ed for The Washington Post condemning Trump and urging voters to do something about it in November.

“Until three brief months ago, President Trump never faced a serious crisis, at least one not of his own making. But now he has faced two, and is failing two, in short order: the covid-19 pandemic, with its concomitant economic devastation; and now social unrest, and rioting, stemming from the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody,” Conway wrote. “Lacking in humanity, Trump has had no idea how to handle either one.”

“So much of Trump’s inaptness and ineptness in these and other matters stems from his exceptional narcissism, and the empathic deficit that attends it,” Conway explained. “But it’s more than just narcissism that drives this failing, flailing president. However difficult they can be, even extreme narcissists can have consciences. They don’t necessarily cast aside behavioral standards or laws, or lie ceaselessly with reckless abandon.”

“Trump’s behavior is conscienceless, showing utter disregard for the safety of others, consistent irresponsibility, callousness, cynicism and disrespect of other human beings. Contempt for truth and honesty, and for norms, rules and laws. A complete inability to feel remorse, or guilt. As a New Yorker profile of Trump put it nearly a quarter-century ago, Trump lives ‘an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.’ That’s Donald Trump’s problem yesterday, today and tomorrow,” he wrote.

“It’s our problem, too, for now: We remain governed by a soulless man with a broken mind. The damage will continue, and it won’t stop until voters end it. Come November, it will be up to the eligible human population of this country to look to their souls, their consciences, their humanity — and to cast their votes for one of their own,” he concluded.

Read the full piece HERE.

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