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Florida man

Florida Man Hits Cop With Car, Bites Another, Dances In Middle Of Traffic Before Wild Arrest



Florida man Malik Smith

A Florida man is facing multiple charges after hitting an officer with a car and biting another and then breaking into a dance in traffic, authorities say.

Deputies say that Malik Smith, 27, went on a rampage in a Winter Gardens smoke shop, causing thousands of dollars in damage. He then turned on officers hitting one with a car and later biting another, but not before he took a dance break in the middle of traffic, the Miami Herald reports.

Smith is facing charges of resisting an officer with violence, two counts of resisting an officer without violence, battery on an officer, failing to obey law enforcement orders, aggravated battery on an officer, criminal mischief of $1,000 or more. As of Saturday, he was still in jail, according to Orange County jail records.

According to inter Gardens police, Smith went into a Mobil Gas Station around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. He then walked over to 592 Smoke Shop, a store inside the fuel stop, hopped onto the counter, and started destroying display cases, causing about $2,000 in damages. Then he harassed customers and left.

While police were taking statements on what happened, Smith drove back to and then tried to walk toward the store. He ran off when officers told him to stop. He jumped back into the car and drove around the parking lot before turning toward the front of the store and driving through it, police said.

Smith then started driving toward two officers. One officer was able to move out of the way but the other was hit by the car. Smith then sped away, police said.

FROM THE REPORT: “About 30 minutes later, officer Joshua Rios was driving to a different call when he saw Smith dancing on the roof of a black Nissan Altima in an intersection. Rios was eventually able to pull him over at a 7-Eleven, Smith walked out of his car and walked into the store, ignoring Rios telling him to stop. Instead of following him inside, the officer waited until he came out and then took him down to arrest him with an assisting K-9 officer. In the commotion, Smith bit Rios left thigh and soon after K-9 Maverick was called in to help. He was able to get away from the dog and tried to get to his car. Determined to get to there, an officer pepper sprayed Smith but that didn’t stop him. A Taser brought him to the ground, where it took four officers and the K-9 to arrest Smith, police said.”